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Julia Meade, a theatrical, motion picture and television actress, was also well known as a frequent TV commercial spokesperson. She was born Julia Kunze on December 17, 1925, in Boston, MA, the daughter of Adam Kunze and Caroline Kunze (an actress who's maiden name was Meade.)

Julia grew up in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and attended Ridgewood High School. She then studied at the Yale University Drama School in preparation for a theatrical career. After graduation, she secured the lead role in Paul Green's perennial summer play, "The Lost Colony." This marked her professional debut as an actress.

Coming to New York City in 1948, she got a job as a Conover model to tide her over until she could snare a stage assignment. The latter did not materialize. Television work did, however, and Julia became one of America's most recognized TV personalities, prompting a New York Times reviewer to describe her as America's first household name. she was seen weekly from 1953 to 1967 on Toast of the Town (The Ed Sullivan Show). She appeared in commercials advertising a variety of products on shows such as Playhouse 90 and Your Hit Parade.

Julia starred in several Movies, including include Pillow Talk, in which Rock Hudson sings a song to her at the piano, Tammy Tell Me True with Sandra Dee, and ZOTZ!, with Tom Poston.

She did return to the stage in the fall of 1954 in "The Tender Trap" on Broadway, and she won the 1962-63 Sarah Siddons Award for her performance in the Chicago production of
Mary, Mary. She continued to do Theatre well into the 1990s.

Julia married artist O. Worsham Rudd Jr. on May 17, 1952. She passed away on May 16, 2016. Read The New York Times obituary. She is survived by two daughters, Caroline and Alice
Julia Meade 3 x 5 card
Vintage 3 x 5 card of Julia with preprinted signature.
Julia Meade with daughters Caroline and Alice
Julia with daughters Caroline and Alice on the sidewalk in front of their apartment in New York City in 1967. More info.

Julia Meade Fan Club on Facebook
For more info, check out the Julia Meade Fan Club on Facebook.

The New York Yankees
Julia is a fan of
The New York Yankees!
Julia Meade with daughters Caroline and Alice
Julia Meade and her daughters Caroline and Alice, in matching outfits, standing on the sidewalk outside their apartment building in New York City in 1967.

Julia Meade with daughters Caroline and Alice
Julia with daughter Caroline (left) and newborn daughter Alice on the right, in a photo circa 1963.
Julia Meade's husband O. Worsham Rudd with Julia
Julia Meade's husband, O. Worsham Rudd, and Julia at home in New York City in a photo from 1960.
Julia Meade watches TV with husband O. Worsham Rudd
Julia with husband O. Worsham Rudd watching TV at home in New York City, in a photo circa 1960.
Julia Meade autographing head shots
Julia Meade autographing copies of her head shot at home in New York City in a photo circa 1960.
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