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Julia Meade, a theatrical, motion picture and television actress, was also well known as a frequent television and print commercial spokesperson.

She appeared in
Print ads in such publications as LIFE, LOOK, TV Guide and Sunset Magazine.

She passed away on May 16, 2016. Read The New York Times obituary.
Julia Meade in a print ad from a 1956 issue of the trade magazine Chain Store Age
Julia in a New Quick ad.
Julia Meade in a Ban-Lon print ad
Julia in a Ban-Lon ad.
Julia Meade in a Simplicity ad
Julia and daughter Caroline in a Simplicity ad.
Julia Meade in an American Gas Association ad
Julia in an American Gas Association print ad.
Julia Meade and O. Worsham Rudd in a 1967 Look Magazine fashion photo
Julia (foreground) and husband O. Worsham Rudd (behind her on the left) in a photo from a 1967 LOOK Magazine article about men's clothing by fashion designer John Weitz.
Julia Meade in an Admiral Refrigerator ad
Julia in a print ad from a 1966 issue of Sunset Magazine shown with an Admiral Duplex Refrigerator.
Julia Meade in LIFE Magazine, June 13, 1960 Julia Meade in TV Guide. January 3, 1959
LIFE Magazine ran an article on Julia in their June 13, 1960 issue. Check out the full article.
Julia in the January 3 - 9, 1959 issue of TV Guide. Check out the full article.
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