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Julia Meade, a theatrical, motion picture and television actress, was also well known as a frequent television and print commercial spokesperson.

She started in
Television in New York City in 1948 at the Du Mont TV studio in Wanamaker's department store. She soon moved into network TV on the show Winner Take All and did her first regular commercials as emcee of NBC's Embassy Club. She has done everything from weather reports and fashion shows to soap commercials and whodunits.

Called America's first household name, she was seen weekly from 1953 to 1967 on Toast of the Town (The Ed Sullivan Show) in a Motorama format showing off dream cars of the 50s and 60s such as Lincoln and Mercury.

She appeared in commercials advertising a variety of products on shows such as Playhouse 90 and Your Hit Parade. In 1971 Julia did the first corrective ad on TV. The Federal Trade Commission accused ITT Continental Baking Company of false advertising in regards to its product Profile Bread. In the corrective ad Julia stated that Profile Bread had no fewer calories than other Bread, but was sliced thinner.

She passed away on May 16, 2016. Read The New York Times obituary.
Julia Meade judging the 1982 Miss USA Beauty Pagent
Julia was a judge for the 1982 Miss USA Beauty Pagent.
Julia Meade and Dick Shawn in CBS Daytime 90 - My Little Love
Julia Meade and Dick Shawn in CBS Daytime 90 - My Little Love.
Julia Meade in The Complex Mummy Complex
Julia in a publicity still from the 1958 Armstrong Circle Theatre television production of The Complex Mummy Complex.

Julia Meade in a Hidden Magic TV commercial
Julia Meade in a photo from the taping of a Hidden Magic TV commercial, circa late 1960s. Hidden Magic was a hairspray that, "Holds and holds and yet loves to be combed." For years the official spokesperson for Hidden magic was a fictitious character, Wanda the Witch, and the ads took on a 'Bewitched' flavor. Using Julia, who was known for her flaming red hair, as spokesperson changed all that and brought the commercials into the mainstream.
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