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Julia Meade, a theatrical, motion picture and television actress, was also well known as a frequent television and print commercial spokesperson.

Movies include Pillow Talk, in which Rock Hudson sings a song to her at the piano, Tammy Tell Me True with Sandra Dee, and ZOTZ!, which she starred in with Tom Poston.

She passed away on May 16, 2016. Read The New York Times obituary.
Pillow Talk poster
Pillow Talk poster
Tammy Tell Me True poster
Tammy Tell Me True poster
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Julia and Rudd's Oscar Party
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Julia's invite to her Oscar party in New York City, 1958
Julia's press release for her Oscar party in New York City, 1958
Julia Meade's 1958 Oscar party "invite" and "press release".
Julia Meade
Julia and husband O. Worsham Rudd threw an Oscar party in their New York City apartment in 1958, the year that Pillow Talk was nominated for several Oscars. Ever the jokesters, they sent out an invite (above) along with a fake press release (also above) and accompaning photo (right). The location and time on the invite are correct, but the press release is totally fabricated. Oscar parties in New York are often filled with celebrities including actors, models, and politicians. It would have come as no surprise that Julia Meade would have thrown an Oscar party, so her fake press release was indeed quite a joke! A black tie event such as this might have even been held on a luxury boat, such as an Excess Catamaran, that could hold dozens of people. There is even such a thing as an Oscar Curse, although that never befell Julia who was successful for many years after the 1958 Oscar invitation.

Also included was this poem:

'Twas the eve of the Oscars and all through the town
Every tux had been rented, and each Lustig gown;

The statues were shined up and lined with care,
In hopes that the judging folks soon would be there;

Then up from the crowd, there arous such a clatter
Hedda knocked off her hat to see what was the matter

And to her wondering eyes did appear
But an aisle-full of actors, pushing down from the rear.

Hard on their heels, Agent H. Wilson came
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:

"Now, Piper, now Debbie! Now, Debra, now, Rock!
You there, Bella Darvi, stop running amok!"

"Wait, Rory, wait, Rusty! Please take your time, Tab!
And Rex, use your reason, don't reach out and grab!

Such impatient rudeness, you know, just won't do.
The others are hoping for Oscars here, too.

Just look: Susan Hayward! You don't see her sorrow!
If she's left out tonight -- well, she'll just cry tomorrow.

Look at Peck: Captain Ahab and grey-flannel suitor
Will he pout if folks thinnk that Paul Newman is outer?

And see: there's Yul Brenner; he's got no grey hair
From fretting that his "Anastasia" won't share

In all the awards that we'll see here, tonight,
And look at that whole "War and Peace" crowd, they're quiet

Relaxed, almost bored, as they sit waitiing there.
You'd think this was Davis' "Catered Affair."

There's suave Henry Luce, on hand with his wife,
He's rooting, of course, for the film, "Lust for Life."

Look at Holden: the evening's a picnic for him.
No nail-biter he, and neither is Kim,

Even though Mrs. Miller (who sits there beside her)
Made the wide screen of "Bus Stop" appear even wider.

So, Rock: don't be blue, and lose all your vigor.
True, "Giant" was big -- but Jayne Mansfielf was bigger.

And that 80-day tour of the world, thanks to Todd
And all those commandments, thanks to Goldwyn -- and God.

The T-house of T-shirted Brando's another,
But Tab: that's no cause to run home sad to mother.

"Rainmaker," "Carousel," "Richard the III,"
Hold off, Piper, let all these folks, too, be heard..."

At length, Mr. Wilson, his pep-talk complete
Bowed low to the crowd and returned to his seat.

Then, finally, spotlights shone bright on the stage
And out walked Walt Disney, aglower with rage

He stepped to the mike with this short, grim announcement:
"No Oscars tonight!" A most shocking pronouncement!

Each star in the theatre let out a pained cry
And screamed to the ceiling this single word: why?

The reason? His answer was brutally frank.
The judges had checked. Every ballot was blank!

And so 'twas the scandal of year '56.
Not a voter in town had gone out to the flicks.

This story is fiction, but moral is clear
Don't let such a tragedy happen this year!
So rise, movie-goers; arise and unite!
Start seeing your '56 movies tonight!

* Concieved and created by Liz Pierce (recorder East 52nd St Chapter*)
* Formerly West 57th St Chapter
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